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Viva Recorder Pro - Record Video With Background Music is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang



All it does is show you ads and lets you record video with your camera, that’s what the camera app on the phone is for!

Another camera?!

Kootie Pie Koopa

I was a bit disappointed when I found out that this isnt a screen recorder its just another camera but it edits so I may use it for my YouTube channel so its 50% hate but 50% like.

I cannot record


I was going to record my games and it doesn’t even work. It says to download other apps!

Bad 😡😡😡


I am surprised if they let this be seen! I wanted to get a screen recorder and when I saw it I thought nice set up... then I tried to video tape. it said "limited time to record 1 sec" ONE SECOND and the audio? FIVE SECONDS ONLY!!!😡😡😡😡😡

All adds just


This is dumb you can even record!! The people that say: "this is great!" That is really fake and this app is really fake

You could just use Camera


I don't get the point of this app. Yes, it can put background music in, but that's about it. Also to take videos you have to hold down the button, instead of just tapping it and letting it role itself. I could see this app working for some people in the future if you don't make them hold down the button.

Do Not Download its a Lie


It is just a very slow and laggy camera, so just use your normal camera it will be way better guaranteed. The screenshots are nothing what it is like at all.

Hate it


DO not get this app it does not work 1s for one video


I love this amazing

This will only let you record for one min do not recommend

It Ain't Functioning, take a pic, and watch it crash


Click on the record button and boom!! Screen is crashed