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Viva Recorder Pro - Record Video With Background Music is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Do not buy!!!!!!

Wizard is potatoe momma

This app is a lie! It will not record your screen! If you are looking for a screen recorder DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!



πŸ€’πŸ’©πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ΏHorrible app. It's a camera, not a screen recorder. and even the camera won't take videos, and it has a reverse button, but it does not reverse. I am furious. I cannot believe the quality put in to this app.



Well I was just trying to find a simple screen recorder app but this is the worst you can only record for 1 second how is this even a app I'm confused

Yisssssss thx


Thanks for making I don't have to use iMovie and I could make videos easier th...oh wait it is lame BECAUSE...YOU CAN ONLY RECORD 1 SECOND IDIOT



Only has a pop up that forces you to download a game or something. Just move on.

Won't Open

J.E.T. :)

The isn't opening for me I tried it countless times and it just won't open up and oh yes I tried powering my iPad off then on again and it still won't open!

Stupidest app ever!


I'm so disappointed in the useless ungrateful app! I thought this was a screen recorder first of all and you can't even record anything when you click the giant red button it's supposed to record instead it just gives you crap saying you only get 1s to record I mean what the heck does that mean and also I recommend you don't get this app it's super duper useless and stupid!

Useless. Absolutely useless. It's junk. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS, PEOPLE


I wish to find a FREE SCREEN RECORDER. This is what comes up. I'm not pleased, as I thought it would be a screen recorder that was 4-starred by 162 people. BUT NOOOOOO, IT HAD TO BE A VIDEO RECORDER. I CAN USE MY CAMERA FOR THAT, IM LOOKING FOR A SCREEN RECORDER!!!!! I hate it.



Every time I try to get on it, it kicks me off. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APPLICATION EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!111!!!!!!!