Viva Recorder Pro - Record Video With Background Music Reviews

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Viva Recorder Pro - Record Video With Background Music is free iOS app published by Nguyen Nam Giang

Real Reason I Downloaded This App

Elite Club

I read the negative reviews and I believed it! But when I also read a person or DEVELOPER stated that the negative reviews are NOT TRUE, and that you had to hold down the button (AND KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN) as long as you want to record, I SAID TO MYSELF that I will download this app to see who is LYING! After I downloaded the app, I went to the video recording part and push the button the button and held it down with my finger on the button, and as long as my finger was on the record button, this app was recording. The people WHO GAVE THEIR REVIEWS WERE / ARE WRONG. The developer or who ever wrote that comment that those who wrote the negative reviews were wrong in their comment IS RIGHT! I checked it out for myself. Because the developer was right and not wrong in THIS CASE, I gave him/her/them five stars (β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…). I am a regular person. I have not been paid or solicited to give my reviews. I don’t know the developer nor I care to.

Don't get

ben567 wearner

Don't get this it is bad I cant video myself playing games better from x this if you do I'll give you 5 starsπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘½



Ok. First of all I can't record anything! I hold the record button and it says you know the app would like to access things. I press accept. I record a video. I add audio. Then I look at recorded videos and I can't see or hear a single thing! Very bad app doesn't work for me.



This app only records your voice, if I could I would give it 0 stars

Absolutely horrible no good

Sweet peppermint drop

This is a peace of crap I search up screen recorder I thought this would RECORED ur screen but NO it doesn't do not get this app it's a waste of time

Not even a screen recorder

Belle Weishaar





Kicks me out:-(

Person with multiple games.

It just keeps kicking me out and I can't even see if it's recording


Angent KJ 2007

It won't even load

It doesn't work and I got some virus!

Cristina Rios

This app doesn't work at all!!! It should be removed from AppStore. Do not click on the button, it is a virus!