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Virton is free iOS app published by KELEVRA, S.L.

Ok...Could be better


I do like the game, and the way it plays. Just wish I could see how wide my attack circle is and, wish it was just alil easyer I can't even get past lvl 7

Really cool concept, needs more features though

insane drummer

The concept is awesome. Especially since most TD games get really annoying as you get a bunch of towers from the bullet noises, but this one sounds cooler as you get more towers. The actual game is kind of lacking features though. There's only one level, only 4 towers, the towers don't have a range, all the towers pretty much do the same thing except the blue one, only one difficulty, and the one level is pretty small.

Closes after you hit start

o.o ??

Exactly as the title says..... I hit start and app closes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it twice