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Vinnie's Ocean Voyage

Glide beneath the waves as Vinnie maneuvers his custom submarine through dangerous waters. Make sure to avoid underwater obstacles while trying to gather enough fuel to keep the adventure moving forward. Collect as many coins as you can for added points and round up Vinnie’s prized ukulele to advance to the next level.
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Games $0.99 SnapStorm Technologies, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Vinnie the Great White Shark hails from the island Matuku in the South Pacific. When he’s not traversing the seven seas, he’s hanging out with his buddies from The Atomic Sharks. You can find out more about Vinnie and The Atomic Sharks at

·One button operation maneuvers the sub over and past various obstacles
·Collect coins for added points
·Collect fuel (Tsamma Juice bottles) to continue play
·Collect Vinnie’s Ukulele to advance levels
·Custom music from the islands provided by The Atomic Sharks



Nice little game. The island music is s nice touch. Well worth the 99 cents.