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Video Effects - Special Effects for Videos, Custom Filters, Control Speed, Add Music and Share

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Photo & Video Free Renjith N iPhone, iPad, iPod

Here are the key Features of our Video Effects App:

- Elegant filters like Instant, Sepia, Vintage, Chromatic, Black and White ,Negative, Hue etc more than 10 options to choose from.

- Add music to videos with precise control over the portion of the song mixed

- Efficient speed control modes like fast, slow

- Simple user interface, easy to understand

- Specially designed to add video effects for sharing to Instagram,Vine, Musically, Snapchat etc

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Best Video Editing App

I was looking for a Video Effects app and most of the apps I found are some either slideshow makers or photo combiners but this one works directly on my videos so that I can share edited videos quickly to vine. A hardcore vine user like me would definitely want this app because not only does it have instagram like filters,but you can also add music which is pretty amazing.And the best part is that it is FREE.

Good Video Editor

Very good app for adding filters to your existing videos in the gallery! It's really fast to download and also works fast while exporting videos. I love playing with the filters and video effects and then I’m sharing the videos thereafter to vine & musically and they look really nice. Adding Music is also fun. If you love making music videos then this is a must have app. Thanks for making this.

Awesome Filters
jarvis vsn

If you are looking for a neat and simple yet powerful video effects app do not look further.I love this Video Effects app. One of the filters did magic on a video captured in dark and it looks awesome. The speed editor control is also awesome, really good that you have stuffed many features in there. The app is also just 7 MB so fast to download. It does what it advertises. Definitely recommended.

Nice app

The filters are awesome. Works really well with my videos. The exporting is really fast and I love when I don’t have to pay for all of this. More filters would be nice and I would love to see more precise control over the video speed especially for the slow mo videos. 😉 Anyways I’m happy with it so far and I definitely recommend this app to everyone. It is just so easy to handle and I am very happy!

Nice Video Effects

This app is particularly useful if one wants to change the speed of the videos in the camera roll. The filter effects are also good, especially the different color change filters. I had a great music video that had pretty poor exposure but then this app did just did the magic on it. Pretty satisfied with it so far.


The filters are good and the interface is smooth. The ads are a little too much.


Too many ads and not good

Too many

The only way for me to go through this app without 1,000 ads and me being frustrated, I have to go on airplane mode to get all the filters with no advertisements every 2 seconds. Still too many though. Stop it

Problems to fix
Gmm is the best

This app is great but there are many adds I can't post to Facebook anymore and I can't save my photos please fix this