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“The crown jewel of all finance apps” – Forbes
“#1 app college students should download right now” – Buzzfeed
“Just Venmo me.” – Business Insider

• Pay your friends for dinner, drinks, rent, and more.
• Easily collect money from people who owe you.

Venmo uses data encryption to protect your financial information.

Venmo is a service of PayPal, Inc., a licensed provider of money transfer services. All money transmission is provided by PayPal, Inc. pursuant to PayPal, Inc.’s licenses. Visit for additional information. © 2016 PayPal.


Can’t delete friends

App keeps sliding people into friends that I have not allowed. Obnoxious.


Horrible service

Luv It
Bubeh 8

This app is SOOO easy to use. It’s convenient for friends and family. It’s free, which is the best deal.


Easy to use and convenient

Secure No-Fee Transactions

Like that these are no-fee transactions and validated and secure

Easy to use
Andreuccio Da Boston

Venmo is easy to use and super convenient

Worst ever

Not using any more. Just a feel nothing else.

Venmo is pretty good

For people that don’t reconcile their bank statements Venmo is 5 star. However, for the rest of us it’s a PITA. When I look at my Bank statement it just lists Venmo 50 times with no reference in the title as to who it was paid to. So that requires me a lot of extra work to go back to Venmo to recreate who got paid for what. All other online payment type services do this so why not Venmo

Worst Customer Service Ever!!

My account had an unauthorized charge and I reported it to Venmo. In return, my account was frozen because of it. It is now been over a month and my account is still frozen?? I have followed all the necessary steps to unfreeze my account which has taken more time and energy than any issue should ever take. Tip: don’t report anything unauthorized or you will be the one punished and unable to access your account.

Hate it.
Thi$ i$ $tup|d

I’ve had nothing it trouble with it… my bank won’t link up and I haven’t been able to deposit a single transfer. And the help page is worthless.

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