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Using 2017's trendiest medium of interaction, enjoy a 24-hour 'zero time difference' connection to users all around the globe. At UpLive, you can listen to acoustic guitar songs, learn about exotic cultures, discuss your favorite movie, or just have a late night chat. Overcome the obstacle of distance instantly and interact with hosts of your choice anytime, anywhere.
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Chat and Interact with famous idols in Taiwan :)

【Live stream】Your talents and stories, broadcast live on our platform;
【Interactive gifts】Gain your own fans and be showered with gifts;
【Filter Features】Our filters will make sure you look your best at all times;
【Live stream likes】Support your favorite hosts by tapping the screen and sending out hearts.


New update

It’s an amazing app but add an update where we can change our Up account name please

It may be confusing at first, but its awesome

As you progress

Love this app

This app has come a long way and all of the broadcasts that I have been on everyone is really nice including Carlos frogoso who is like my dad

Feels like family

This app is amazing it gives everyone their 15 minutes of fame. I have met many great people who have supported and befriended me on this app. If you want to be part of the best community on the internet download this app -matthewandmcooks

Natasha Hicks

Cool App!! Love being able to play music, and have so much fun! The team is so kind to me, it is run by awesome people!! Download it today!


Best streaming app ever!! I highly recommend this app!! Join Carlos team!!!


I left uplive due to their oppressive sexist treatment of women. Women were forced to not show anything above the knee , no chest, shoulder or back. No licking of lips, no dancing. No matter what the climate is where you live you have to cover your entire body as if we lived in a country where women are forced to these things against their will. It was infringement of contract, but they went ahead with these rules. The app was great until this dress code nazism patrolling. As a women i feel it degrading to be told that there’s something wrong with my body or that it must be covered in way that is against modern american standards. I do not support this treatment of women especially while there are women around the world still trapped in these degrading standards.


it does all the things persiscope does poorly and cranks them up to 11. oh joy!🙄

I cant get enough

I really enjoy this app and recommend it to everyone. Great place to meet people from around the world and very cool gifts. Learn new languages and make new friends. Follow me at SavvyandSlick on up.live

UpLive is Great!

Great app with a fantastic community! There are so many talent people with amazing animated gifts to give hosts. UpLive really cares about their creators.

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