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- A super fun food cooking game with TONS of CARNIVAL FAIR FOODS!
- Keep updated with new foods EVERY WEEK!
- Cook yummy carnival fair foods such as funnel cake, cotton candy, pogos, ice cream, rainbow slushy, classic American hot dog, French fries, fried noodles, corn dogs, popsicles, crispy donuts and so much more
- Tons of realistic cooking tools to play: bowls, spatulas, spoons, freezer, oven, food blender, pipping bags, plates, cream mixer, food processor, induction cooker, knife, cutting board, chopsticks, cake molds, fryer, and so much more
- Tons of food materials and decorations to try: sausages, bread, chickens, potatoes, fruits, candies, sprinkles, milk, flour, salt, sugar, butter, eggs, food coloring, ice cream, cream, water, rock candies, white rabbit candy and so much more

How to play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game
- Try different tools to make your foods
- Mix various ingredients to create the unique flavor and color of your foods
- Decorate your foods with beautiful sprinkles, candies, fruits, straws, and syrup
- Eat foods to trigger the RAINBOW & CANDY magic

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This game is so fun

Eat dessert

Writing about the game is fun for kids.
eira lileth

This game is so much fun! Maybe people could play this game and have some fun. Thank you SO much for creating this game. Next time I will support you again. See you next time!

This is a great game!

I love this game so much it tells you the ingredients to!!!!!!!

Love this game but I gotta CookingGames was a good time to get some good

Yes we will be home in about an afternoon and


boo your game stinks

ashley ;3

ɪᴛ ᴀᴡsᴏᴍᴇ

Not so good not so bad
love jojo.from Emerson

Why do you have to pay 9.00 every week if you are reading this and you are the one that made it do not keep the paying money to just do the food.i am giveing a heads up to enyone enywhere no that there is a paying part. But I still love playing. Hope you in joy. bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee. That means bye

A good review

This is the best game for little kids that want to pretend to cook like corn dogs, snow ones and more

Love this game
Can I get more followers

Keep doing what you do

Nice game

Pretty fun and a nice time killer.

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