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Unblock Ball

Pocket bouncing balls by moving blocks in this challenging, addictive & brand new Unblock game.
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Games Free iGold Technologies Private Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

1000s of interesting puzzles in six different game modes each having hundreds of puzzles.

Ultimate mind game to pass your boring moments and it also refreshes your thinking.

Pocket the colored balls in the same color holes in given moves, avoid dropping them anywhere else.
Balls move realistically and are lively animated while moving the blocks with real physics.

How to Play

Touch and drag the blocks to move them.
Move the blocks such that you get the balls near their matching colored holes.
Think and play with strategy to pocket the balls in least moves.
Repeat failed levels by playing alternate moves to find new routes.

Brand new & unique unblock game...

Single Ball, Multi Ball, Red & Blue Ball, Magic Wall, Splitting Ball & Super Block game packs.
Complete 50 Levels in Single Ball to unlock Multi Ball pack.
Unlock successive packs by finishing 50 Levels in each pack.

Other features

Top up extra moves with lives in tough levels.
25 Achievements and 6 Leader boards to compete.
Share this game with friends and compete with them for top scores.
Online leader boards and achievements for all game modes.
Get free lives by inviting friends.
Unique and new game for all in family.
All levels are star rated with skill based scoring system.
Ultimate mind game puzzles for passing time.


Good game

I'm changing my review. I'm still playing the game so it has managed to grab my attention, and I'm still playing it for free several days and many levels later, which means the pay system isn't at all unreasonable. Initially I objected to the various in-app purchases, but now I see they aren't necessary to win the game. Sorry for the initial bad review, developers.

Totally addictive!

Ad interruptions minimal and the game is great! Have to be good at problem solving and finding ways to unblock ball with as little moves as possible. GREAT AP!

It's great.

It's terrific.



I like it

I liked his game and I would recommend it to someone else.

Fun enough but doesn't respect mute settings

Any app that overrides the phone's mute setting and plays music at max level automatically loses a star from me. Also, after every level it is asking me if I want to challenge my friend. Annoying! As fun as the game seems to be, these two factors have made me uninstall.

Monte ease

Love this game, and would recommend to others.

Love it or not?
lol funny bunny

Love it

Fairly entertained

Quality could be better, but the concept is interesting. Let's see how long it can stay interesting.


Great game