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Ultimate Trick Shots is free iOS app published by Side Hustle LLC

The Beat Finger Strength Training App


This game is fun and addicting. I love trying to unlock new things and complete challenges. Thanks guys

BrodieSmith is a god.





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Fun and Challenging


Such a great game! Difficult but rewarding, awesome unlockable discs!

Just bad


I'm surprised how bad this game is. It's just boring and monotonous.

Dumb! Disc golf basket? Hello!


Haven't you people ever heard of disc golf? Why don't you make a version of this game with actual frisbee disc targets that people throw frisbee(discs) at. Haven't you seen a disc golf basket before? Already deleted this app.

Bad game


Disc won't go where you swipe. I'll swipe left and it'll go straight or right. Overall just terrible game.

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