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Ultimate Soccer Flick Shoot - world Cup Free Kicks

The Ultimate Amazing soccer star game on your mobile, Free flick shoots is all about increase your skills for free penalty kicks , through player sweat, tears, motivation on the football ground.Soccer flick shoot with an addictive brand new look! and feel, real play ground the essence of the thrilling sport.
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Sports Free Muhammad Aslam iPhone, iPad, iPod

Select a mode from three ultimate Euro Soccer league
-Practice Mode
-Easy Mode
-Hard Mode
First practice session for new players, training to get more skills and ready for soccer league championship.
Play as you Feel the pressure of live football match for victory and glory. get high score as more goals you can in minimum time and compete with furious goal keeper. Also wall of players at front for more twist in match.
12 Countries team participate in ultimate soccer flick shoot.select your favourite country team with country flag and uniform.
Just Flick to shoot, you’ll be a super soccer league winner!
Game Features:
- Realistic football ground ply
- Amazing 3d soccer stadium
- Sharp and furious goal keeper
- Different shooting modes
- Players wall
- Modern kick style


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