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"An idle game perfectly reliving the ninja world. Enemy's clan prepares to conquer the world by Tailed Beasts weapon.
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Ninja village is at stake facing the invasion."
Become a captain, recruit favorite Ninja partners to guard the village and inherit the Will of fire.

The ninja world needs your rescue. Come and start your journey.
·Establish bonds and fight together
The ninja world war will be triggered at any moment and the world is fraught with crisis. Build your exclusive team and lead them to fight against strong enemies.

·Diverse ninja upgrade system
Various ways to upgrade your unique ninja. You can freely match forbidden jutsu for your ninja here, taking them to an unprecedented level.

·Relive your favorite ninja skills in battle
Relive hundreds of unique skills in real time battle. Try your power in Arena and enjoy battles. Friends, it's time to fight!

·Easy idle AFK gameplay
Massive AFK resources and rewards can be claimed even when offline. You can enjoy the game in fragmented time and no longer worry about the time restricting your power.

·Join a clan and adventure with your friend
Try to establish bonds with other players by joining a clan. You can occupy villages and fight against the tailed-beasts with your friends. The Ninja journey is no longer alone. Start your adventure now!



love the TV series now I will get the play feels like I’m almost there living it great app great community very fun to playI can barely put my phone down

Very Accurate

I am watching the show and playing the game and is so funnn!!


Very good game I recommend for all of y’all if your a Naruto fan

heveixbe sibchehvfnd


Can't get back in fix your server!!!!!!‼️?

Always under maintainence and i can't get back in. Says maintainence will be over January 27 and we on Febuary 3rd‼️ If you don't fix it i will uninstall. If you fix it, i'll give 5 Star review.

Love it!!

Love the game really big fan

Good game

It’s simple and fun. Waiting for Pain to have him on my collection.

Download this

Great game 10/10





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