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Unleash your true potential with over 32,000 online courses, available at your fingertips.

Choose from over 32,000 courses, on anything from programming and business, to yoga and photography.

Trusted by some of the worlds top companies like Pepsi and Century21, Udemy Students can enroll and take courses with a computer or mobile device. Each course is on-demand, includes lifetime access with no expirations, and can be downloaded for offline use.

Remember that skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Whether it’s personal or professional, Udemy has you covered and will get you learning in no-time.

Courses are offered in more than 80 languages and range from free and short tutorials, to complete master courses. Choose from a wide range of topics to inspire creativity, hone your skills, be your own boss, and more:


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Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Office and Creative Software
Personal Development, Health and Fitness
Design, Photography & Music


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Some of the world's most respected companies trust Udemy to train their employees. Some of our favorite customers include: Lyft, Oracle, Pepsi, Century 21, Universal, Pitney Bowes, and 1-800-Flowers.

Go ahead and take control. Learn whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want.


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"A must-have application for people who are looking to learn more things."

"With its new app, Udemy now allows users to browse and sign up for both free and paid courses, giving them access to video lectures, articles and presentations while on the go."

"Enabling students to enhance their skills and education while on the bus, or while waiting at the doctor’s office, makes education even more accessible."

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Is it Downloading The Course?

Can’t tell if it’s downloading the app for offline viewing. After waiting for days for the content it’s still in the downloading area. Don’t think downloading it’s working correctly.

Courses are great / app not that good

You think your new Ipad Pro can do enything? No... its limited to what the apps you love can do. This app can't hide the side box with chapters, if you go fullscreen you can't getback, downloaded chapters get corrupted and other minor things. I would expect a monthly update on this app too...

This should’ve got 5 stars but...

This should’ve got 5 stars as it does most of what I need it to do...with one major exception: It doesn’t allow for split-screen when being used on an iPad. I typically take notes on the right side of the screen with either Evernote or OneNote (depending if I need to write or type), and I keep whatever I’m learning on the left side of the screen. That can’t be done with this app. Instead, I have to go to the Udemy website in Chrome, request desktop mode, and use split screen from there. I have a 12.9” iPad Pro that can easily handle a video being played at a decent size on one side of the screen and a note app on the other side. The screen is not much different from a 13” MacBook Pro screen. But even if I had one of the smaller iPads, I should still be able to view this is split-screen. To the developers: Please, make it so that the app plays well with Apple’s split screen functionality. That way I could use it without having to resort to the browser.

Stop autocorrect the search

I’m trying to find courses on very specific technical topics, and the app “autocorrects” the correct technical terms into what it thinks is “correct”, without a chance to try again without autocorrect suggestions. This makes the app completely useless for me.

Udemy is Great, iOS app could use improvement

Great courses and great instructors on Udemy! Requests: 1. Add multitask/split view; to take notes, code along, or look up references 2. Many courses come with exercises and/or lecture notes, not that it's hard, but an annoyance that you need through a couple of steps and then correlate which resources belong to the video. Why not just put the link under the video title or swipe the current track to display the files (or some other method). 3. Better video player; touch to play/pause, better rewind/forward controls (perhaps gesture control), auto-subtitles (or transcript), speed/pitch control. Add controls from the keyboard for when you're typing. When in fullscreen mode, I can touch the 15s forward/reverse and nothing happens.

Skip the app. Support is horrible and confusing to use!

Tried purchasing through their app to see that they charged me without giving me the course I wanted. You can lose out on deals if the purchase doesn't go through so this is a huge deal. You can only reach support through the app or site. No phone calls and they respond when you are asleep at 4 am with copy and paste answers. User interface is lacking, I cannot follow up with messages on my support ticket. I had no choice to ask Apple for a refund after a lack of response to my statements that I had already provided information given TWICE. Other than horrible problem, app is okay but I would avoid use due to the quality of support and lack of honoring purchases. Other important features missing. Stick to the site.

Great content, trash app

Cant download courses easily at all

Awful on iPad Pro 12.9

In portrait mode the lessons list takes over 50% of the screen. In landscape mode, it sits on top of the vide. In neither case is there does there seem to be anyway to close the list and just have the lesson video on screen. I’ll just use web, unless they can update this.

Doesn’t work iPhone 6 Plus

Doesn’t play videos on an iPhone 6 Plus running 11.4.1. Fresh reboot, still doesn’t work. Waste of time.

IPAD Pro Users...

After I am done watching a preview on my IPAD Pro 12.9” in horizontal landscape ( I use a Bluetooth keyboard ), I have to turn my IPAD (with my keyboard attacked) vertically for your Udemy App to switch back to Horizontal position! It’s very annoying! Please fix this bug! I would like to watch previews without having to constantly rotate my IPAD to fix the orientation of the app! Thanks!!!