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Heather and Debbie

I had one of the worst experiences with Uber early Sunday morning after having a great evening with my friends Saturday night. After waiting 19 minutes for our Uber driver, he called and said he broke down on the freeway and I needed to cancel the trip so I can get another one. The second driver drove right past us and kept on going never picking us up so I canceled that one and eventually took a taxi home which is a lot more expensive. Then I got charged a fee for canceling! What the hell is wrong with you people!!!!????



Awesome, practical and efficient!

My Uber Trip


I don’t know why I was charged a late fee. The driver called me at 6:34 and he was at an intersection next to my house and he asked me which way to turn. I told him and when he pulled up I went out. He piped the trunk so I could it my bags in and I got in and we left. I was not late!

Friendly fast arrival

Jay 813

My Uber driver was there in less than two minutes. I was thrilled to be picked up by the screen car and wonderfully friendly driver

I did not take this trip This is not my address. Do not bill my credit card!!

not my trip

I did not take this trip. It is not my address. Do not bill my credit card!!!!!

Customer service


Needs live customer service app wouldn’t accept debit card even though I called my financial institution and they said birthing was wrong on their end. Still haven’t got the issue resolved yet


tom & wendy

Very prompt, got home in no time. Personable.

Zoo ride


Scott - Albuquerque was great! Prompt, reliable & great car

App doesn’t work


It says 5 minutes away for 30 minutes. Then you call Lyft

Great driver

denise and dennis

Brian was very professional and knowledgeable. Shared a number is interesting stories with us.