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Uber - Request a ride is free iOS app published by Uber Technologies, Inc.

Seamless app, the only way to travel


App works great, useful information, auto bill is great, works in Lisbon. I can't imagine taking another cab. The Uber cars are clean and the drivers professional. NY state needs to get on board!!!!!

Ótimo e fácil!


Ótimo e fácil!

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Theresa the cute

Used the service Uber for the first time and it was a great experience compared to taking the taxi. The pick up time was very quick, clean vehicle, smooth navigation, and the service was great! I definitely recommend Claudio

Need an option for no smoking cars


This is the first time I have been in an uber that absolutely reaked of cigarets. So badly that it gave me a headache. There needs to be an option to request non smoking cars only. Next time I will cancel my ride if the car smells like this.

Could be better


The service is a great idea and a better option than a taxi or other public transportation. The app is easy to use for the most part. The GPS definitely needs work though. Every time I request a driver at work, they are sent to an "alleyway" behind the building that doesn't exist. Not paved, not even gravel. Just grass. Fix that please. Don't hire so many out of town people. They have no idea where they are going. I shouldn't have to give directions to a driver for well known places in town. Especially when I'm being picked up from a bar.

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Really convenient


I love the so but it would be fantastic if it was possible to be able to have a setting to select a female driver. I'm sure it's not just me who would feel a lot safer.

Convenient app


Use on a daily basis, tried the Siri integration and works fine


Qaa baa

Never use it again

Pretty good service.


Overall I use it more than Lyft because it's cheaper; it is cheaper I have taken the same routes to two locations and back and both times Lyft was 2-3$ more. But overall I've had no big problems with them other than the drivers who refuse to turn on the AC when it's hot out!

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