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Uber Eats: Food Delivery

UberEATS gets you the food you want from the restaurants you love, faster than anyone else. Just open the app, find what you’re craving, and we’ll deliver it right to you.
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Food you want: We’re working with over a hundred restaurants in your city to put great local food all in one place. If your favorite restaurants are cooking, UberEATS is delivering.

Speed you need: Choose a signature dish from the Instant Delivery menu and you’ll be eating in 10 minutes or less. Have something specific in mind? By tapping into the Uber network, we can deliver anything from our roster of local restaurants, fast.

Service you love: When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll see a total that includes the food and delivery price. There’s no need to tip. Pay with your Uber account and watch your order come right to you through the app.

UberEATS is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and East Bay, Seattle, Singapore, Paris, Melbourne, Washington, D.C, and multiple cities in Canada.



My account name is set to someone else and I am unable to change the name. This app is insecure! Use GrubHub or something else.

The Avatar!

I downloaded this app and entered my Telephone Number and the app says welcome back? Maybe I had an account a while ago? I dunno, but I play along. I enter my email address and state forgot password...nothing. The app just says it doesn’t have the email. (Ya think?) there’s no way for me to create an account! Ok. “Daughter, let’s try your number to create a new account”. Exact thing. So...no account. No way to reset anything for my password and no way to create a new account? Waste...oh, and I’m still starving! I’m hangry now!

Waited and hour and change for my food... and received some pretty unprofessional service
Truth blackwood

I order some food it’s took about 10 minutes to prep The delivery person picked the food up then mid way through his trip canceled the order. I called support and the delivery person never gave a reason as to why they couldn’t complete the order. ( this is not my fault, nor does it change the fact that I was thinking I’m about to eat but got nothing but a notification to read) Support told me they can do anything but tell me to reorder the food. And so I did... Only to have the delivery person not even pick up the order just sit there and not cancel. So in total I waited and hour for nothing.... still staving.... I called support and was told,after waiting 5 minutes, that why have a new delivery person.... And the food was on its way. To top it off... I asked for a supervisor so that I may express my concerns and also receive some type of compensation or discount after giving my money to an unprofessional service... The supervisor didn’t sound like he cared to help. His tone was that of someone who doesn’t want to be on the phone and is probably tired of listening to people. I feel like this is a major problem. If the ground workers ( delivery persons) And the middle man ( support ) Can’t maintain a United professional service then this isn’t something I would ever really want to give my money to... Please feel free to contact me @Uber

Order never gets picked up

Completed an order on time and it never finishes preparing. Several drivers appeared and still can’t pick up the order.

shay ski

Don’t complain about your order when it’s delivered wrong cause it’s your fault and they don’t want to refund you your money

Delivery Person Smoking ☠️

My driver pulled up with a burning cigarette in hand and handed me my food with said hand. I was in shock... Then the food stunk of perfume and smoke so it got trashed.

Love ubereats

Convenient, quick, good customer satisfactory

If I could give zero I would.
Kataang lover

Don't ever download this app! The worst customer service. They ignore you and give you invalid reasons as to why you cannot get refunded. My order was incomplete and I messaged them the day of, and told the driver. I was told it wasn't within the seven days, yet it states I messaged them the same day. They ignore you and really don't care about any mess ups.I suggest you try a different delivery system or going out to purchase food. Postmates sometimes messes up times but they always give you a refund and they have amazing customer service. Maybe just cut out Uber all together.

4 star

I only give this app a 4 star because i love how everything works just wish it would work for something like a prepaid debit card i would love it because i myself can’t have a regular bank card so a prepaid debit is what i use i will give it a 5 star if we can get that prepaid debit card to work

Will not give refunds for missing items

Uber support will not refund you for missing order items. A restaurant near me frequently forgets the drinks, no big deal so I request a refund for the missing item. Uber Support will not provide me with a refund.