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Typey Typey is a simple typing app, for your infant or young child.
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Education $0.99 Paul DeLeeuw iPhone, iPad, iPod

Type on the keyboard, and see letters and animals. It's fun, colorful, and intuitive.


Two Year Olds Love It

My two year old daughter loves this, and its a fun way to reinforce letter learning. I'm surprised how well she can find letters on the keyboard. I'd like to see more pictures (its a mystery which letters have one, though quite a few do), and maybe something for the numbers and punctuation too (since the kids end up hitting them a lot).


Great tool for my child

Not worth the purchase

I am trying to find a good basic letter typing program for a kindergarten student to learn letter placement on the keyboard, but has to use the built-in keyboard on the ipad to allow us to use the settings in place for her low vision. I bought this app, thinking even if it just reads out the letter and she has to find it, it would be ok for practice. This is simply an app designed for someone to hit any key and it will pop up with the letter, or picture if hit again. While it does allow me to use the built in keyboard, I cannot see the letter or picture that pops onto the screen because it is placed partially under the keyboard.