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Type n Walk™ is the smarter, safer way to type while you're walking.
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Type n Walk™ displays a transparent viewport of what's directly in front of you. This combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles -- like walking face-first into a pole!

Despite the name, Type n Walk™ is useful while you're sitting or standing too. Use it anytime you would like to keep an eye on your surroundings while you type.

To see Type n Walk™ in action, watch the screencast at:

Be smart. Be safe. Get it now!


don’t show

it doesn’t show up in privacy/camera to give it permission

Garbage doesn’t work

Absolute garbage. Won’t work without camera access (obviously) but it never prompts to grant camera access, just a warning and since you can’t change the settings it’s useless. Zero stars!!

For Developer

Hi! I'm just like everyone else, you really need to add this to IOS messaging. Not everyone is a social media freak and we have lives out of social media.


I saw this on iFunny and came here and downloaded right away. Thanks iFunny!

Get this one
Seventh Wolf

Works well for me and it doesn’t spam you with ads.

Neat app

I’m trying to get the hang of using it. Hopefully it will save me from accidents in the future.

Kelly dos Santos

Sensacional. Como ninguém pensou nisso antes? Nunca mais vou sair por aí tropeçando na rua ou caindo por cima de um hidrante (sim, isso já aconteceu cmg enqto eu mandava uma msg).

Really good!!

Uses the new keyboard and works well!! Would be cool to be able to send it via txt without having to pay


Only for Facebook and Twitter. Does not work with anything else.


Aw I though that this was going to be typing to the iMessage im disappointed now