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Tynker is the easiest way for kids to learn programming. Play fun puzzles to learn the basics and then create your own amazing games using over 100 step-by-step coding tutorials. Great for Hour of Code! Additional puzzle sets available as in-app purchases.
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Education Free Neuron Fuel, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

NEW! Draw your own actors and backgrounds with the drawing tool!

*** Parents’ Choice Gold Award
*** Featured by Apple in Education, Kids & Best New Apps
*** Editor's Choice, Children's Technology Review
*** Rated 5 stars for Engagement, Common sense media
*** Academics' Choice Award
*** Rated “Best for 8-14” by USA Today
*** Award of Excellence from Strictly Mobile

”Tynker makes programming more accessible and fun for kids, regardless of prior experience.”
- TechCrunch

“One of the best learn-to-code apps we've seen for younger kids - Nice work!”
- Code.org

- Candy Quest - Sequence programming commands to lead your character home.
- Monster High - Help the ghouls go on a scavenger hunt using code
- Crash Course - Program drones, lights, and Sphero in a virtual environment
- Dragon Journey (in-app purchase) - Use functions and subroutines to train your dragon
- Lost in Space (in-app purchase) - Apply logic to lead astronaut Gus to his moon base
- Lazer Racer (in-app purchase) - Create math patterns using Turtle graphics commands
Solutions available on request.

Learn with interactive tutorials and get inspired to create an unlimited portfolio of games and projects to share and play with friends.
- Animation: Stop-motion animation and custom character animation
- Drawing: Pen commands, math art, kaleidoscopes, and your own art studio
- Game Elements: Scoring, health, buttons, and joysticks
- Game Kits: Arcade shooters, platformers, runners, and physics games
- Motion: Move, follow, spin, and glide objects on the screen
- Music: Music, sound effects, musical notes, drum beats, and tempo
- Physics: Falling balls, bouncing penguins, zero gravity, and cannons
- Storytelling: Slideshows, stories, comics, jokes, riddles, and quizzes

Publish your creations to share with the community. Explore projects made by others like you and see what they build. Like, remix and share their programs or build your own using our full-featured programming language.

Create and share awesome games and apps quickly using the same visual programming language introduced in the puzzles. Program native behaviors, experiment with physics, program connected toys and design your own animated characters. You can also code offline without Internet connectivity.

Do you have a Parrot mini drone or a Sphero robot? You can use Tynker to program these toys. Build a flappy drone game with a real drone, draw shapes with Sphero, or program your own stunt flips. This version supports Sphero, Ollie, Parrot Rolling Spider drone, and Philips Hue and Lux personal lighting systems.

What do children learn?
Computer Programming is an important 21st century skill that children can start learning at any age. While solving puzzles, children are applying reasoning and critical thinking skills such as pattern recognition, problem solving, debugging, sequencing, spatial visualization, and algorithmic thinking. The Tynker visual language makes it easy for them to learn and apply concepts like conditional logic, repetition, variables and functions--the same programming concepts in any mainstream programming language.

What is Tynker?
Tynker inspires kids to create and collaborate through programming in an intuitive, imaginative way. More than 40,000 schools and 28 million kids have started coding with Tynker.

Tynker is inspired by visual programming languages like Scratch from MIT, Alice from CMU, and other programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak.


Can you fix the mob system in mc?

So I had a account for 20 mins and I unlocked the mobs. And I click shulker and it’s stuck. I rejoin and everything is locked. Can you unlock everything? Overall good game, I made a whole bunch of stuff and it’s cool and is real in mc.

I like it

It's cool and all, but I would like if I could edit everything and it would update!

The frozen caves

I dont get why the website’s ui is different from the app just port the website’s ui to the app

I might have found a hacker! :(
ERS Lightning

it’s a great app, but there’s this person called dismal alien. Everytime I publish a project, it’s on dismal aliens profile. Am I dismal alien? It says that I’m Elijah, not dismal alien. Dismal aliens project have the same amount of views, likes, and remixes. :( How do you even change your name? Is Elijah my real account name? I’m starting to not like tynker as much because of this person dismal alien. Is he actually a hacker?

Good job

You are very good at coding and deserve this

I love the game

I love the game but I wish whatever you code you can download the game

Read this before you download!

I'm a really great coder and stuff. But, there are a few things I hate about it! One: my projects are now taking for ever to be reviewed! What is up with that! It's been taking MONTHS for my good quality projects to come in! Two: I posted a game on my laptop which would've gotten featured. But no. Instead it got rejected! There are vampires, and the mention of blood. But no violence or anything bad! And further more, I saw it got rejected on the TYNKER APP! I was using my laptop. Plus, there were no rules against my game. This proves my point that Tynker is treating their viewers like babies! On Scratch, everyone would’ve loved it! Three: make the site a bit more for older kids! I mean, why do you even have a monster for a mascot! Adding to this review, a lot of the games here (excuse my French) ARE GARBAGE! I also use scratch, so I know the huge difference between Tynker and Scratch. On scratch, most of the community projects are more advanced and fun to play! Most of the games I see on Tynker are…Not that good. So in conclusion, this is NOT worth your money! You can easily get on a better coding platform for free! But you choose to go here. Dat is all. ?❤️ ouuuuutttt.



Please fix this
colect your cat

Well the apps great but I do the Minecraft texture pack but I can’t seem to get the textures into the actual game please add more info to the game thank you -Laela



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