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Let’s Learn English Using 2 Word Phrases! – by David A. Thayne
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『デイビッド・セインの2単語英語でGO! Lite』
The Industry’s premier learning application for conversational English.
Learning English is Fun! Improve your skills using practical, 2 word phrases spoken by native English speakers.

•Included are 20 recorded examples from 4 categories representing daily personal and/or business situations.
•Rich learning content is provided, including product insight, use of unique phonetic symbols (primarily Katakana) and product innovations which comprise the study guide.
•Perfect for overcoming proficiency challenges associated TOEIC/EIKEN test requirements.
• “How Much English Can You Express in 2 Words?” written by David A. Thayne (Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha)

Learning English has never been more fun! Our “chat style” conversation method utilizes easily remembered 2 word phrases.

Let’s learn English using 2 word phrases – by David A. Thayne is designed with a spirited, “game-like” structure which allows users to progress to higher levels of English proficiency.

Choose answers such as: (準備万端だ)"All set."、(さあ、わからない)"Beats me." from multiple choice selection lists.

It is fun AND easy!
•Memorize phrases, and then converse with native English speakers in a “Chat Room-like” environment.
•Observe conversations by 2 native English speakers.
•Once your turn comes, complete correct phrase by selecting 2 words from the listed items.

Example: Reply seen as 「準備万端だ」“All set”

(A) When do we need to leave?
(B) Right now. Are you ready?
(A) [ All ] [ set ].

•Conversations simulate real-life dialogue with native English speakers.
•Correct pronunciation is made easy by selecting the “Repeat” feature from a recorded voice.
•Each phrase has associated phrases with similar meanings, such as: “All set” , “I’m ready.”

Useful notes are provided which easily explain circumstances under which certain words or phrases are used (including nuance).

Example: 「準備万端だ」"All set."

It means “The preparations are complete.” “It is all set.”
The phrase “I’m ready” is often used to mean the same thing as “All set.”
So, how about casually saying “All set?”
Pronounce “All set.” by emphasizing the inferred meaning “Are they prepared?” “Is this all?”

•Start using “cool” phrases from your favorite movies!
•FUN and EASY for everyone and useful for those not wanting to enroll in formal English classes!
•Plenty of useful phrases for both daily conversation and business situations.
•Highly recommended application for those who wish to learn by example.

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