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Version 3.0 - Completely Redesign with more Social Networks and sites :
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Social Networking Free surendra kumar iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Reddit
- Yahoo
- Wikipedia
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Cnn

#APP to connect social networks Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn in single APP at same time .
# Save a lot of time to check Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn post .
# It is fast and small
# Save a lot of running time and memory
# Be logged in all time in all three social networks .
# Easy to switch between Facebook , twitter and LinkedIn
#Single Click to Switch Between Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn
# Very light App 6 MB compare to all other three App 300 MB .

Key feature of App:-
* Use Facebook twitter and LinkedIn in single App at same time .
* Using Tab Bar you can Switch to accounts in less than 1 second .
* Very small app with great feature
* Connect and use Facebook
* Connect and use Twitter
* Connect and use LinkedIn
* Switch between App on single Click
* Only one time login needed
* Easily Post and share
* Track Facebook twitter and LinkedIn update in just 1 second.
* Chat with Facebook friend '
* Watch your follower and tweet
* and all the feature provided by the All three platform .

Advantage of this App:-
* Save a lot of time of User
* Save a lot of memory of Phone , its very light App
* Easy to manage social Network.
* NO need to use three different App
* NO need to open three different App , just one App and manage everywhere .

Note -
Please write about your need in review , we will definitely add those feature in next version .

Thank you !!



I hate the ads. It's just alright. Kinda slow too

great app

superb work!!


Great app

Too much

To many pop ups!!!!