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Who Unfollowed me on Twitter?
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If you’ve asked yourself this question more than once, than Tweet Sponge is the app for you.

Tweet Sponge keeps track of all of your followers. It can show you who unfollowed you, allowing you to quickly unfollow them back!

-Track New UnFollowers
-Track New Followers
-Track Followers you don’t Follow Back
-Track Users you Follow that Don’t Follow You
-Follow and UnFollow anyone quickly with a single touch

No longer will you ask yourself: "Who Unfollowed me on Twitter?"

Now’s your chance to find all of those pesky UnFollowers, download Tweet Sponge now!



I really like this app. It was recommended to me on Twitter as my followers grew into the thousands and still growing. I do hope you guys maintain it and I have a suggestion. When we look at our new followers, it would be nice if we could tell if we are already following them. I'm not sure, but I think the way it is now, if we touch follow and we're already following them, it unfollows. Sincerely ~ Lindy

Can’t use
KJ Railway

Just bought and downloaded this. I connected my Twitter account, but when I click to see stats, crash. Developers need to fix whatever bug is in this ASAP.

I cannot use this app
bummed and burned

I bought this 10 minutes ago - it is not what I need

Perfect, best $2 ever spent.

Other online apps like crowdfire and manage flitter charge ridiculous amounts like $10 a month to un-follow a limited number of people. This app is fantastic. Pay two dollars once and you can unfollow as many people, who don’t follow you, as you want as quickly as possible. Cheapest option on the market, trust me I looked.

Love app

One of best apps ever. Makes managing your twitter account so easy. Worth every cent. A must have for twtters.

Not paying for the free version.
Screw it. Seriously.

I upgraded to the “pro” version. However, when I clicked “unfollow” next to a user I no longer wish to follow, I was taken back to the upgrade screen, which linked to the already purchased app in the App Store, which linked to the pro version’s dead page (apparently all the pro version does is log you in to the free version). Needless to say, I would like my money refunded.


this app doesn’t even let me unfollow people that don’t follow me back , and i waisted 1.99 for nothing .

App does not work

I downloaded the free app and in order to immediately unfollow people you have to purchase the ad free version. I did this and the ad free version DOES NOT WORK. When you open it it shows a button that you cannot click to log into Twitter and that is it?????? Do not buy this app. I want my fckn money back.


Absolutely worthless app. Instead of refreshing and just showing me the most recent unfollowers, it’s keeping a running list of all unfollowers since I installed this app. Furthermore, next to each unfollower is a button where I can choose to “unfollow“ these unfollowers, whether or not I ever followed them to begin with. However, whenever I try to click “unfollow“ I get an error message.

Don’t buy

Bought app and it didn’t work