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Turtle is an app that lets you message people and remain anonymous for three days. After three days, the other person will be able to see who you are. In an essence, it’s almost like meeting someone with a blindfold on. There is no room for implicit bias. The first impressions will be based off character, instead of appearance or status.
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Won’t work

I downloaded it today and for some reason every time I try to pull it up it just says loading for forever, I’ve tried redownloading it multiple times but it just keeps doing the same thing. I’m bummed cus it seemed like a really fun concept.

Really easy to get to know someone
Nicolle Simmons

I’m just starting to use app and I was surprised on how seamless everything is, super simple.

One for now

The app isn’t working for me, uninstalled and reinstalled. Will update review once problems are fixed.


great app

Fantastic idea

Super funny to message people without knowing them or you

5/5 stars!

Great concept with a beautiful design! Love it! Very fun and amusing!

Terrific idea!
Abraham Isaac Duran

What I love about turtle is the simple yet incredible idea behind it. I have had amazing conversations with this app, I have met extraordinary people because our ideas. An app to share something that matters, that’s what turtle is.

Great experience - user friendly
Kid's mom

Great concept...love the design. Entertaining and easy to use. Recommend to all people who enjoy interacting on various social media platforms.

Better then the others

This app is actually really interesting. You’re able to have conversations rather then writing one post. Found some interesting people to talk to... they’ll figure out who I am in three days or so. Lol


Met so many new people on this app! So easy and fun to use!