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Turtle is an app that lets you message people and remain anonymous for three days. After three days, the other person will be able to see who you are. In an essence, it’s almost like meeting someone with a blindfold on. There is no room for implicit bias. The first impressions will be based off character, instead of appearance or status.
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Very great app! Good luck💐

Love this app
Jack Mike

Cause there’s not enough things to spend my time on in high school😂 this app is just great!!


I use this app daily. Love using it. Fun and unique. Would give 5 star but they need to work on some minor glitches. Other than that. A must download!!


Very impressed with the design on this app. Great idea and a lot of fun to use. Highly recommend for those whose looking for someone to have fun with

Chat without social media bias

Unique method of connecting minds & not egos.

Broken concept and broken app

Everything takes forever to load and the "suggested users" rarely show up. I like the idea of anonymous conversation for 3 days, but since one person gets to see the other's profile before starting, its only anonymous for one person. The "bias" you claim isn't there could definitely still be there. With the high amount of great reviews despite a pretty broken, not well known app, I think something suspicious is going on with Turtle

Download this right now!
The Edge Jr

Unlike other chatting apps out there, I love how I can make an impression on someone and quickly connect with them on a deeper level. Looks don’t matter here folks.

Really really love the concept!
Nicky Sheppard

What a truly unique concept this app provides! The creativity that the developers put into the functionality of this app is remarkable. I love the idea of providing users with multiple days of anonymity, preventing immediate judgment from the user they choose to message based solely on something as silly as looks or social media following. This app isn’t huge yet, but I truly believe there was a great deal of passion behind the creation of this app and that there’s an unbelievable amount of potential for this app to continue to thrive! Keep up the good work.

Absolutely game changing

This app is groundbreaking. Love the intuitive user interface. Very simple to use and interact with.

Awesome App

Beautiful and elegant UI! The new features in V2 are just awesome! My school loves this app already, can’t wait to see what’s I. store for this company. Love the concept! Keep up the great work Turtle!