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** Pocketgamer 8/10 - " 'just one more dig,' then find yourself covered in oil and cash hours later." **
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Games $5.99 Gamious B.V. iPad

*The successful Steam game now available for iPad*

Drill for oil like it's 1899!

Turmoil offers players a visually charming, tongue-in-cheek take on the simulation genre inspired by the 19th century oil rush in North America. Get a taste of the rush and rivalry of the time as you earn your way to become a successful oil entrepreneur. As you make money digging up and selling oil, the town will grow along with you.

Lease land at the town auction and search for oil. Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network and bring up the oil to store it in silos. Sell the oil at the best times to maximize profits. Then buy essential upgrades in town to cope with rock, gas and ice. Acquire more town shares than your competitors in a bid to become the new mayor.

-A campaign where you build your rags-to-riches oil baron career and beat your rivals.
-Dozens of upgrades and new tools to improve your oil mining operations.
-Meet the town’s characters in the saloon and make shady business deals.
-Play single game mode to get one of literally millions of procedurally generated levels and earn as much as you can in one year.
-Lease land at the town auction and search for oil using a dowser, mole or scanner.
-Maximize your profits by using natural gas to boost the oil price.
-Outbid your competitors at the stock auction.


Amazing game that keeps you strategically thinking

I love Turmoil. I originally got it on my computer, and then bought it for my iPad. I love how I can now play it anywhere on my iPad. Especially if there is no wifi connection! My only criticism for the iPad version is that I wish the achievements button worked. I know what they are from the computer version and just wish those would work for the iPad. I hope it will work in a future update. Until then I'll keep drilling for that sweet, sweet oil.

Good game, a bit pricey though.
Cypher Temjin

I bought this after seeing it randomly on the App Store over the last year. Glad I bought it, but arguably so. It’s a solid game that runs well with few bugs it seems. Has a unique strategy element that’s refreshing, but once you figure out the trick, it’s easy to crush the levels in the campaign. The sound has a weird glitch that has the sound of the pump never stopping until you close the game out completely then reopen. Doesn’t affect gameplay but is obnoxious. You can’t even turn it down or mute it with the in game sound controls, only by muting the iPad completely. I can’t say I recommend it to most people for the $6 price point, but if it goes on sale to $3 or less, it’s worth the scratch. Keep an eye on it for such a deal or price drop.



Sooo when
The legendary gamers

When will the heat is on DLC be on here

Good game, needs some small fixes

Awesome game. One suggestion, though. There should be a setting to scale up the UI. The buttons are quite small on my screen, and it makes it a bit unwieldy.

Pretty Glitchy
Spanish lad

This game isn't completely finished obviously.

Need more stuff
Game steals money

I fell like it needs more stuff and more land and infinite days plus sandbox

Stew obsessed

when I bought this I said ok 5 bucks for a normally very expensive game sure it will be glitchy but ok. I WAS SOO WRONG this has NO bugs (yet at least) and runs wonderfully, it doesn't even drain my battery as fast as oil! This is very worth it

Simple fun time waster

I've enjoyed this game so far, it's a very simple little resource management game, basically the economic strategy equivalent of a clicker game. The aesthetic and music make the game very cute. I tend to play on my iPad in class, and this is a great game to do in the background while ur doing other stuff.

Pretty glitchy

The gameplay is good! It's a fun game that is really enjoyable and scales up in difficulty well. That being said, I agree with a previous reviewer that the game feels unfinished, it will crash randomly, especially if I've left the game in the background to answer a message or look something up in safari. Every time it crashes it reverts the game state to the previous save, so if you're in the middle of a level you have to redo everything which is pretty frustrating. Especially for a $6 app. I'm expecting at that price point for the support to be really responsive so I expect to bump the review up once some of the issues are addressed.

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