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Are you looking for the New Way to Talk? Here is the answer.
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Meet TTtalk a Walkie-Talkie app that will allow you to use instant text messaging and share multimedia. Enjoy quick back and forth voice messaging in real time. You can also save time compared to making calls or using SMS.

Use emoticons, stickers and audiocons(voice emoticon) to let your friends or family know what’s on your mind. Express yourself in new and creative ways.
With TTtalk, staying in touch has never been so fast, easy and FUN!!

■ Push-To-Talk (real-time audio streaming) calls
■ Instant group texting & video/photo sharing
■ 1-to-1 or group chats
■ Guarantee voice quality and delivery
■ Low data usage (optimized for mobile networks)
■ Voice message playback
■ Chat history
■ Message delivery even when recipient’s device is off
■ Real-time confirmation when messages are read
■ Push notifications
■ Various audiocons, stickers, emoticons
■ Compatible with many mobile operators/networks/devices
■ Free of geographic communication boundaries
■ All for FREE

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Great Idea

Great idea, looks great.

Amazing. Love it. Download NOW
hyunil bahk

I'm a student that came to U.S. to study. I miss my family so much :( International calling was going to be a problem but this app is amazing!!! I can hear their voices, send pictures of my school/personal life, and the voice things are so cutee XD I love this app and would recommend it to anyone. It does have some loading problems but it takes like one second to refresh lol. Amazing app and i love it.

After all the searching!

I been looking for a better alternative to voxer. I probably downloaded like15 apps before this one and finally all the features I have been looking for! notices work like they should and convenient !

Very cool

Works great! I use the it as a walker talkie. Sound is clear.