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TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huge

Ducks are pooping all over Trump's yard! Stack blocks as high as you can so they stop pooping there.
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Move the crane and drop each block on top of one another. Stack them as high as you can, but don't let any fall to the ground or you're fired!

"Stars and Stripes" by Jay Man

All characters portrayed in this game are entirely fictional - even those based on real people. The game is for humor purposes only and is not to be taken seriously.


Trying to live off dying memes with tons of ads doesn't really save your game
Ryan Evan bell

Ads on almost every screen, and the Trump jokes are getting old

The add ruin it

Love the game, but the ads ruin it. Imagine flappy bird... And everytime you lose an ad pops up. The same is with this game. You will lose multiple times and everytime you do an ad will pop up (long ad). Pretty frustrating .... Will delete it because it annoys me.

Donald Will Not Yield
all the names on here r taken

He is gonna build the wall He is gonna build it tall Illegals all will surely flee Oh what a rock He is to me How can one man be so based? The smug look of victory always upon his face They try and fool him, try to stump- But all will fail: he is Donald J. Trump. "Vote Trump." - Jeb! Bush, Certified Disappointment

Annoyance and frustration
Official Baller

This game frustrates me with its amount of adds... During gameplay it gave me an add? and it glitches and the crane ran into my wall destroying it!