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TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huge

Ducks are pooping all over Trump's yard! Stack blocks as high as you can so they stop pooping there.
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Move the crane and drop each block on top of one another. Stack them as high as you can, but don't let any fall to the ground or you're fired!

"Stars and Stripes" by Jay Man

All characters portrayed in this game are entirely fictional - even those based on real people. The game is for humor purposes only and is not to be taken seriously.


Fun, but those ads. Uugh!
Bryce (a.k.a. Lier Bye

This is a very entertaining game and I've enjoyed it. Its really funny and the speech bubbles are hysterical! But the only 2 problems i ran into is the fact that the 'Stone Blocks' look like they can fly away if fulled with helium, they are so light. You barely can make it to 15. And there are WAY to many ads. Stop begging for money, ad eater! And its after every game! ~LierBye


This game is nothing but racism its just so pathetic I can't believe they make these games this is really offensive???

Trump 2016!

The Donald has a huuuugh sense of humor and would love this game too!!

Stop with the Trump games


Senpaii | Dank Memes

I myself am a Trump supporter and I don't know if this game is to make fun of him or not but I like the game

Toooooo maaaaaany addddddds
Apricot 926??

Ugh there is so many ads when ever I lose ?this game

Way too many ads

Fun concept because the whole app is based around making fun of Donald trump. But the amount of ads kill it. You have to watch an ad every single time you lose and that happens a lot. Also I find it funny how some of the other reviews don't get that this app makes fun of Donald trump. Oh well it just proves how dumb his supporters really are

Fun game; filled with annoying ads

It's a really fun game, but it is filled with ads that pop up almost every time that you die, which is very annoying.

It's... HUUUUUGE!!!

Horrible idea in reality, but makes for a pretty amusing game. Very clever

Build it Yuuuge

Great app, but Trump wants to build his wall "Yuuuge," not "Huuuge."