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TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huge

Ducks are pooping all over Trump's yard! Stack blocks as high as you can so they stop pooping there.
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Move the crane and drop each block on top of one another. Stack them as high as you can, but don't let any fall to the ground or you're fired!

"Stars and Stripes" by Jay Man

All characters portrayed in this game are entirely fictional - even those based on real people. The game is for humor purposes only and is not to be taken seriously.



I love helping Donald Trump build the wall to keep the America "safe" I love Donald Trumps hair too!

Such game many wow10/10IGN
shrek is luv shreck is lyfe ;D

such game most wow many trump #makemuricagreatagain I like pokemon:)

Can't Stump The Trump

Build the wall

Hard times

It is a very fun game besides the ads, but it had a VERY hard time downloading! I retried a few times until it worked. Finally


Nice try liberals.

A mess!

There is an advertisement every time you miss the block, every time you reset, every time you play, etc.... It's endless and unbelievably annoying. From a playability perspective, the controls are remedial and the accuracy of the drop function is awful. Honestly, just go play Tetris on your old GameBoy. BTW, for those seeking either an unbiased satirical game or even one that supports Trump in an amusing way, this is not it. It just lashes one childish insult after another.

Funny but those ads!?

Too many ads! Every time you lose, two videos that are long enough for me to just reopen the app to save time. But otherwise, fun game!

It's fun for 10 minutes

It's fun for the first ten minutes then it's boring I'm deleting it the next day. I no it's suppose to be funny but it's not cool it's made about a racist, rich scamming, and a jerk

Bump Trump
J the gamer 546

I don't like Donald Trump but I like this game


Best Game Ever