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TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huge

Ducks are pooping all over Trump's yard! Stack blocks as high as you can so they stop pooping there.
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Move the crane and drop each block on top of one another. Stack them as high as you can, but don't let any fall to the ground or you're fired!

"Stars and Stripes" by Jay Man

All characters portrayed in this game are entirely fictional - even those based on real people. The game is for humor purposes only and is not to be taken seriously.


No iPhone X Optimization

Please optimize your app for iPhone X! Really limits the enjoyability of the game experience.

Very addicting

This game is the best game I’ve played besides fornite. it is also very funny. I would like a update, such as making your own brick or character

Awesome Game

I thought the graphics are amazing, and all the different commentary and blocks makes you chuckle to yourself throughout the game. It is super addicting and makes you try to beat your high score. The only reason it is getting bad reviews, is because of all those trump lovers. It is just a joke.

If you’re offended...
Some guy with fish

This game is incredibly addictive and entertaining. As a proud Trump supporter, I find the digs at both Trump and Hillary funny political satire and it just adds to the entertainment. If you are offended by this game in any way, you are literally what’s wrong with America.

Wow, fun and hilarious game!

This game has hilarious phrases, an addicting high score-beating game overall. And cool graphics!! :) I recommend this!


Don't worry Donald trump I will make America great again

Huuuuugely hilarious

This game is funny and addicting! Good job creators!

Make America Great again!

#MAGA #Trigglypuff #Milo

No trump wall
Copy Alert

I can't ever get above 10 and it was off my phone in with one game if play


Once you get to about 20ft the thing that places blocks knocks over the tower.