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Food & Drink Free H.E. Butt Grocery Company iPhone, iPad, iPod

1 – Bypass the line – mobile order through your phone and head straight to the counter.
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Spanish: Puedes ordenar True Texas BBQ desde tu teléfono o tablet. Personalizar su BBQ como lo quieras y guardar sus ordenes favoritos para ordenes futuros. Agregar elementos desde todo el menú – acompañamientos sabrosos, postres deliciosos y sodas o té. Nosotros le mantendremos fijado en el estado de tu pedido y hacerle saber cuando está listo para la recolección.


Order had an error and card still charged

Tried to place my first order and the order had an unknown error while processing. The order cancelled itself, but it still charged my credit card. Without an order number the restaurant couldn’t look anything up to complete my order or cancel the charge. Luckily the employee was awesome and gave me the order anyway after seeing the charge on my credit card. Don’t use this app.

Lets you order out of stock items, then won’t refund credit card.
John 12345665

No way to issue refund or cancel order from app if item not available. Still let’s you order unavailable items. Placed order. Received phone call on way to pickup saying they were out, but my card would still be charged. Gave phone number of absolutely worthless ‘help’. Another trip to see store manager, who promised a phone call in the morning. Terrible app, worse customer telephone support. Did receive call next day with refund issued - which was great. I did not have to explain the situation again, the person called to let me know a refund was issued. So, I’m bumping my rating up to 2 stars.

Is this App even real?

This app didn’t work at all. Logging in, I was unable to complete and save my cc info to proceed with my order. There is no done button to move forward. I back out and try as a ‘guest’ but no stores load when I enter the location. When you select map no locations pop up to choose. If you try to back out it tell you, you must select a location???? I can’t! 5 min of my life I’ll never get back. Anyhow, if the app is this crappy I don’t want my information in it.


I put this app on my phone was able to enter account info including payment info, but couldn’t see a map to go to selection nor food choices... I deleted the app thinking maybe this is some kind of spyware... now I see .01 charge pending on my card and wonder if that’s a test to take even more money?????

Just a terrible app

One would think that a company as large as HEB could get something as simple as ordering BBQ right. The app simply doesn’t work. In fact the app won’t even load! After rebooting my phone, the app loads but it continues to want more info from me. This time the store that I want to order from. No problem with that. It’s a perfectly reasonable request. I can look out my window at home and see the lights of the Kingwood HEB parking lot. The app, however, doesn’t recognize the Kingwood HEB as being present at this location. (And yes, this Kingwood HEB has an HEB BBQ Store right in front, so I know the store should be on the store list.) In addition, once I leave the app (in frustration) I can’t get back into the app without having to reboot my phone yet again. The app won’t even load if I don’t reboot every time. Add that to the fact that the camera doesn’t work for taking a photo of my credit card, and I’ve now spent almost an hour trying to get through this lousy app. I had to enter my credit card info three times before it would work. (I used auto-fill, so I know I wasn’t typing the info differently or incorrectly every time.) Definitely not ready for Prime Time. HEB can do better! Richard

Here everything’s broken
[email protected]

The app crashes every time I attempt to add an item to the cart. Extremely surprised that this has not been resolved considering the high caliber of all other HEB products and services.

Login does not work

I keep trying to login and once it lets me it asks for credit card info and then it does nothing. If you continue as a guest it works. So crappy!!


As everyone else has already said, this app is useless. Scott McClelland needs to spend less time hanging out with Altuve and Watt, and more time working on a functional app.

Doesn’t work

Set everything up then you go to select a store and it stops working. Deleted and installed it 3 times now and does the same thing. Worthless

App is horrible
Queen bee # 1

The app is not good & stops working all the time. The only way to get it to fix is to erase & redownload. Also if you order something & they are sold out it will not tell you. It’s a hassle trying to get them to refund your $. The brisket is phenomenal the app is garbage.