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It’s more than just mind blowing speed
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Games $2.99 Adam Langley iPhone, iPad, iPod

There are racing games which do not offer you this opportunity of choosing your speedy car or your circuit, but which surprise you with a different track in each one of their levels.
Race your supercar on several continents, on some of the most challenging tracks in the world, against really skillful fellow racers.

They sure are an aspect not to be underestimated, for when you find yourself at the wheel of a shiny, high powered race car or of an imposing monster truck, you instantly feel your self confidence boosting and your “thirst” for an adrenaline pumping, extreme speed race.

Burn some rubber on the circuit and show off your car racing skills while you’re sting comfortable in your chair, enjoying some precious free time!

There would be a lot more things to say about car racing games, a lot more strong points to point out it their favor, but I think you’d prefer to discover the rest of them while you’re burning rubber on the track, racing your supercar to victory.


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