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Trivia Quiz for Teen Wolf Fans

Are you or your kids a huge Teen Wolf fan? Then get your minds ready! Guess the words from your favorite Teen Wolf tv series..
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- Challenge your friends or get matched with other Teen Wolf fanatics
- Guess the words and see who really knows about Teen Wolf
- Show off your knowledge and unlock challenges!

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"who play Scott McCall" what does that even mean!!!??? it's obviously Tyler Posey but NOOOOO that's not the answer of corse! this trivia is stupid


This game has so many wrong answers to the questions it's ridiculous! DONT DOWNLOAD!!

Typos And terrible layout

Several of the answers aren't spelled right so you have to try to figure out the typo of an answer you know is right (like Deucalion spelled without the a), and other answers are just wrong. Plus the layout is awful, and breaks a word up so while you know the answer is Alan Deaton or Lydia Martin or whatever, the last word gets broken up so it seems wrong. Not worth the effort. Don't download.

Dumb as hell!!

This is the stupidest trivia game I've ever played DO NOT!!! Download.... Who play Scott McCall??? Tf???😡


I swear a 3rd grader made this app

Wrong answers

Who bit Scott McCall .... peter hale how is that not the answer

Not a fan
BH Banshee

Some of the answers are wrong and it's frustrating af