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Trivia Crack (No Ads) is paid iOS app published by Etermax

Game is going to crap


What the hell??? The VIP vending machine went from 6 gems to 9??????? Hell nah. Y’all are about to lose a very consistent player. On top of that, I submitted 30 questions to the question factory, a lot of which have 80% approval, yet..... nothing???



I like the game and playing with my family. But I’m giving it 1 star because it FORCED me to rate. It would pop up to ask for rating before every... single... question. After played for a few days. Please don’t force people to rate if they don’t want to



Issues once again with chatting!!

Distorted messaging!!


Emojis sent in message show up as question marks!! Fix it please!!

Sometimes fun


Still needs work. App still freezes on iOS and doesn’t allow you to answer. Also the random prize you get after missing a question still hits “no prize” more than statistically probable.

What happened??


I really need an answer. So, I used to play this game all the time and it worked perfectly fine. I deleted the game because I need room and I wasn’t playing it as much as I used to. Then I decided to download it again. I went into the game an literally nothing worked. Please help. I love this game and would like to play it again but can’t do that if nothing works. ☹️☹️

They fixed some of my complaints


This app needs some work. - Get an editor! The number of questions that slip through when grammar or spelling mistakes is unbelievable. Then there are the ones that aren't in the right language. - There are SO many duplicate questions! There has to be a better way to eliminate these. - Stop randomly changing between having 24 hours and 2 days and 23 hours to respond. It gets very frustrating not knowing how long you have to respond. - Fix the method for submitting questions. I have had questions sitting in limbo for over a year. I can't withdraw and resubmit, nor do the number of approvals/dis approvals change. I know someone else that this is happening to, as well.

Don't get hooked on collecting cards

Hi kitten

Trivia crack is fun, but every update seems to increase the number of gems required to buy cards. Instead of being incentive for more play, it is just aggravating and makes me want to quit.

Please change the icon back to the original


Please change the icon back to the original. I shouldn’t have to look at “no ads” and there’s a thin black line around the corners. So sloppy.

Continuing changes aren’t good


The time to answer questions went from two days to one day not long ago and I read many reviews complaining...even wrote one myself. I thought the developers listened because it reverted to two days. Today it has gone back to one day and some of my games were forfeited. I can’t and won’t let the game run my life by forcing me to play every day at the expense of work and time with family and friends. That makes it stressful rather than being a fun pastime. I enjoy the game, but have notified my friends that I’m not playing anymore.