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Trivia Crack (No Ads) is paid iOS app published by Etermax

Still Getting Error Codes in Survival Game


Tired of losing my turn and points for recurring error messages when playing in Survival game. Fun game, but frustrating. Overall, though, played Trivia Crack for years and still enjoying the app.

Too many sports questions


Way too many sports questions, and most of them are about baseball and American football. Also, Survival game constantly gives an error message.

Boo code 4210


Please fix whatever bug is in this game. I’m very disappointed in the prominence of 4210. It makes me not want to play.

Survivor Game is great but glitchy


I really like the new survivor game that has recently been added but I get error messages and kicked out quite often. I just played on through 18 rounds and it was only down to two of us and I was booted out with no reward. The worst part is I had the correct answer! So annoyed because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to these glitches. I’m not moving and my WiFi is very strong. Please fix this and return to a 5 star app!

Please fix the glitches in the survival game!!


Please fix the glitches in the survival game! The game doesn’t record your answer and kicks you out. And you lose your turn. Many connection errors after answering. And you lose your turn. Hangs up on finding players screen. And you lose your turn.

New Survival Game


Great game but not ready for use. Too many technical glitches. See the error message 4210 consistently kicking me off attempts of playing. Frustrating.

Do not purchase


When you buy the game you basically lose the opportunity for second chance. That’s a pretty bad handicap for paying money to avoid the ads.

way too many harry potter questions.


as someone who has no interest in harry potter, it’s frustrating that every 6th question or so is about harry potter. yes, i submit my own questions in an attempt to give more diversity of subjects to the game. but there are so many out there already about a single subject, that it makes the game uninteresting.

Survival glitches- 2 Stars for this new game


I am so disappointed, I love Trivia Crack and am a long time player. I’ve enjoyed the new Survival game as well but it definitely needs work. Of the 5 chances you get to play every turn I have had several games and recently all 5 drop —sometimes just as I am ready to win — because of a code 4210 or connection trouble. Often this occurs after investing in power ups so it is costing money as well as games. I don’t experience this issue with any other segment of the app. Until they fix this it’s player beware!

Connection issues

Erik 71

Great game, but lately when playing survival around round 9 I mysteriously get a “connection time out” notification. Frustrating because I lose the turn and the ability to win the point.

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