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Trip Miles (Mileage log for Reimbursement or IRS)

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If you are using iOS 7 then we highly recommend to download our recently launched other app 'Trip Miles Plus'. Search 'Trip Miles Plus' to find the app.
Beautiful and easy to use mileage tracker for reimbursement or IRS. It allows you to email the mileage log and expenses of your trips as a tabular report or Excel file.

It provides rich feature set and a great user experience. User interface is especially designed for easy addition of your trips. You can save frequently occurring trips for later reuse. You can view the summary at a glance, right on the main screen. You can track multiple businesses, multiple charities, personal, medical or any other type of trip.

The application is highly flexible. You can add your own trip types, locations, vehicles, drivers, expense categories, etc. You can also rearrange, rename, or delete existing ones.


Supports Miles and Km.
View the list of trips for any year, month, week, or day.
Mileage tracking based on odometer readings or only distance. Optionally start & end odometers can be set. (Auto computes the third field)
Multiple vehicles and drivers (Optional)
Mark any trip as Favorite for later reuse.
Add new purposes and reuse previously added ones.
Attach notes with any trip.
Supports 'Business', 'Personal', 'Medical', 'Charity', 'Other', or any custom trip type.
You can add starting and ending location. (Optional)
Add any number of expenses of different categories including parking, toll, etc. (You can define your own expense categories)
Quickly view and edit your recently added trip.
Supports powerful search based on notes, location, vehicle, driver, etc.
Export yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, custom dates trips, easily through your email in Excel friendly format(CSV) and tabular form (HTML).
You can view and export status of each trip type for Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, or daily time periods.
Advanced Reports facilitate you to see the status of any date range, with highly advanced filtering and ordering options, which can be easily exported.
You can define custom mileage rates for different businesses, charities, and other trips types for each year.
Supports paid/Unpaid marking of any trip.
Select your custom currency symbol.


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Save your $$. No yearly mileage rate updates for 2020.

Simple & easy

Love that doesn’t require a subscription. I hate subscription apps, I would rather pay full price & one time. I already have enough monthly payments. This is why this app is alluring to me, no subscription!!! I have a tax accountant that knows the mileage rate, then all I need is this app to keep track of the mileage and this app does that perfectly. I can even add multiple vehicles. Just purchased it & loving the app.

Good to Bad

I’ve used this app for years, but upgrade doesn’t allow addition of Federal Mileage rates.

Great App!!!!!

Just love it!! This App made my life so easy...

Useful but needs work on data entry

This app is perfect apart from one thing. It forces you to put both the beginning and ending odometer miles in at the beginning of the trip. My last trip I put the beginning miles in and guesstimated on the ending miles thinking I would just adjust the ending miles at the end of the trip. But once you put the beginning and ending miles in, you then get total miles. So when I adjusted the ending milage at the end of the trip, the total miles remained the same and changed my beginning miles. I then lost my initial odometer reading.... Data entry could be made much easier.

Thank you for such a wonderful app!

This is exactly what i was looking for , to track my travel expenses & mileage. very well made, and easy to use...

A business owner.

This is one crazy application! Having to put in ending mileage before you start is ridiculous

Made my life easier!

Wonderful app. Keeps ongoing tally of our mileage reimbursement. Very user friendly

Roy Boy 70

A great app for volunteers to keep track of mileage, and for everyone to keep track of trips for medical appointments.


This is the second app I paid for and I wish I has picked this one first. It would have saved Me 1.99. Anyhow this one is perfect for keeping track IRS mileage which what I was looking for. Allows you to enter beginning and end mileage plus additional expenses. .

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