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Triage: Email First Aid

Triage is for people who struggle to stay on top of their inbox. It doesn't try to replace your desktop mail client, but lets you use your downtime to quickly remove the noise and stress.
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Productivity $1.99 Southgate Labs Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

"Since I’ve been using Triage, I’m more caught up on my email than I have been in years." — Daring Fireball

"Triage makes it feel seamless, and even fun, to achieve—if not Inbox Zero—at least Inbox Zen." — Macworld

"Triage is my new favorite email app for iPhone." — MacStories

"Triage is simple, clean, fast, and one of my new favorite apps." — iMore

When you sign in to your mail account, your new messages will appear as a stack of cards. Simply flick messages up to archive, or flick them down to keep in your inbox for later. You can also tap a message to view its full contents, and compose a short reply.

Triage supports Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and iCloud Mail accounts, and most email services that support IMAP.


Great for email cleanup with one caveat

Agree with Jon_Zu that Triage needs a unified inbox; it's the biggest missing feature for an email cleanup tool like this. Would also like to see horizontal swipes added to flag and move messages. As others have said, this isn't an full email client, but rather something you use to quickly scan and clean your inbox.

It is generally good but..
soy K

It is generally good features and makes me improve efficient for my email works but when some bundle of emails were not showed up in my accounts even though original emails app already showed.

Nate Houk


Not able to connect to google with two factor

Not able to connect to google with two factor

Saves me so much time!

This app is great, allows me to quickly sort through hundreds of emails every day and effectively separate the wheat from the chaff. Highly recommended!!

Not accessible with Voiceover

I would love to write a very comprehensive detailed review of this app. ... But I can’t, because I can’t get past the first screen with the Voiceover screen reader. All I got to was the “messages will appear like cards, like this one,” where it shows you that you can archive a message. Can’t get past that screen, no button to click or anything. So, if you’re blind, not worth your money.


Other free apps do it better.... can't delete emails fast at all. Get The Chuck app. It's what you're looking for I promise


Do not download. Unable to securely log-in to Google if you have two-step verification log-in.

Gmail and yahoo passwords don’t work

I purchased the app and then came to know that my current gmail and yahoo passwords didn’t work here. The credentials work in spark and gmail/inbox mail apps. Very very poor.

Does not work!

Tried gmail and iCloud mail.

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