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Treehouse is the best way to learn technology. Learn to build websites, create iPhone apps, build web apps with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start a business.
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With the Treehouse iOS app you can learn on the go and get job ready with little or no experience. Learn to build that app idea or land your dream job. We’ll walk you step-by-step through building projects and honing your skills with videos, quizzes, and code challenges that let you code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and SQL right on your iPad or iPhone.


Learn from over 1000 videos created by our expert teachers on web design, coding, business, and much more. Our library is continually refreshed with the latest on web technology so you'll never fall behind.


Practice what you've learned through quizzes and interactive Code Challenges. This style of practicing will allow you to retain information you've learned so you can apply it to your own future projects.


You'll earn badges as you journey through our extensive library of topics. These badges are an indicator of what skills you currently possess and are viewable by anyone (even recruiters from big companies!).


Disappointed overall

I am disappointed in an app that constantly crashes and is very buggy. Specially when the content it provides is about how to make apps, you think they would make their own app work right.

Awesome App

One of the best Apps for online lessons. Very powerful content in your hands

Great content. Garbage app.

Slow load times - 1 star. Horrible quiz experience - 2 stars. While doing the practice sessions, if you have to go back and check a section of video, you have to restart all over. Have to switch screen to answer a message? The instructions blank out.

Treehouse Update

I love this app and use it on a daily basis learning as much as I can about code but one thing that's missing is a split screen option so that I watch the videos on one and the other takes notes. Hope team treehouse is listening and includes this feature in their next update. Thanks!

Missing one thing

This is app is a great resource and excellent app. The only thing missing is the ability to run the application in split screen on the iPad pro! I generally take notes on my iPad while watching the videos on my laptop. It'd be great if I could do it all on the iPad!

Great resource, silly issues

Love the website and the ability to access and learn on the app. However, having to login every time the app launches is only a hair less tedious than it sounds thanks to 1Password integration. Everything else works relatively well, apart from occasional connection hiccups and rare weird errors when rotating views. All-in-all, a great way to access their library of lessons but not exactly a mind-blowing app experience.


The app crashes every time I try to play something completely unusable. Very sad being that it's from people that teach you how to code. PLEASE FIX!!!!


Very excited to have this app. Too bad it crashes every time I complete a challenge.

Love Treehouse

Please fix app. Cannot access at all, just sits on opening page. I'm rating app, not Treehouse!

Finally Universal

4.5 stars. You'll get that last .5 star when the Apple TV app hits.

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