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You can only improve what you can measure!
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Health & Fitness $0.99 Ubicolor Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Track your treadmill runs in one handy app.

Easily switch from miles and kilometres.

For each run, you can save:

● Total time
● Total distance in mi. or km.
● Incline %
● Date - forgot to save yesterday's? no problem! you can go back in time ;)

The app will run some calculations behind the scenes to give you :

● Pace
● Elevation

You can easily switch from miles to km at anytime!

How did you feel about your run today? Chose from very easy to very hard.

This version 1.0 is very simple on purpose : it gets the job done! Many improvements will come in next updates.

For less than the price of an energy drink, this treadmill run tracker will enable you to keep progressing!

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Good Start - Missing Key Items

This is a good start. If you are a shopper it's not worth paying for until they can give more than the free app. Since you have to pay for this app I expect to get something better for the money, especially when there is a free app that has more features . This app is missing key items like a notes field, elevation, and ability to modify an old record. Again good start developer, improve it, and then charge.

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