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Grow your engine into a mighty battle train as you defend against waves of enemy onslaughts. Various missions will tax your strategic thinking. Over a dozen turrets to choose from.
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Games $0.99 James Podesta iPhone, iPad, iPod

***** Exciting new twist on the Tower Defense Genre
***** Instantly accessible but packed with strategy
***** You've never played anything like it!

- smooth 60fps 3d gameplay
- double-tap zoom in/out for iPhone/iPod accessibility
- detachable carriages can be left strategically on the battlefield
- 10 different turret types with unique strategic uses
- carriage and tower upgrades
- ferry passengers for points and to increase item drops
- power up allows you to smash through enemies
- gamecenter achievements and leaderboard
- survival mode gameplay gets progressively more frenetic
- 3 different game modes - Arcade, Strategic and Just4Kids
- toot your horn for a speed boost


Good game

Super creative game

Awsome! But....
Yo momma wrote this

Its fun addicting and concept is great! But its buggy it keeps crashing on lvl select and such

Fun at first

A lot of fun at first and then gets hard fast. Also crashes a lot.


Kinda good but hard

Truly Unique

One of the most engaging defense games ever. Instead of just placing and upgrading towers, you actually control them. Big thumbs up.

preconceived notion

Crashes every single time I try to play the game mode "defend the waterfront" the other two levels work fine.


This is a great new take on TD. Most interesting TD gameplay I've had since GeoDefense (that is a long time). Excellent. Thanks for making it briefly free -- I snagged it and am amazed!!!!

Train defense is one of the top ten games
Shanon Newbey

Train defense is one of the top ten games


Great new twist on tower defense! Keep up the great work!


This is a refreshing new take on tower defense games. He is already fixing the GC crash bug so he is listening to his consumers. Also total eyecandy and amazing to see such frame rate from this app on my phone.