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Traders Web Browser and Tweets Reader

Watch live stock quotes and market index quotes while surfing the web and tweeting freely.
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Active investors and traders want to monitor the financial market continuously and whenever they can. It is really painful to switch back and forth between stock apps and web browsers on the iPhone or iPad.

Trader's Web Browser is specially designed for every investor. It provide a simple solution to resolve this particular issue, so that users could keep a close eye on the market or their favorite stocks while browsing the web and tweeting. No hassle of jumping back and forth; no worry of missing price movement.

A quote bar is displayed on the top of the web browser and the twitter view. You could choose to watch market index or the stocks you pick. Customize the stocks you want to watch in "Settings". The quotes are auto refreshing, and you can further set your designed auto-refresh interval in "Settings".

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You can communicate with us through the in-app message ("More" tab -> "Message") or email us at [email protected]

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