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Trace Gujarati and English Alphabets Kids Activity

This app will convert your phone/tablet/iPod/iPad into a useful instrument to learn writing Gujarati and English letters. You can trace any letter in Vowels(Swar), Consonants (Vyanjan) in Gujarati alphabet and Upper, lowercase letters in English alphabet. This app is perfect for those kids or adults who wants to learn Gujarati hand writing. Once practice is complete you can test yourself how good you have learned letters in each section. Test will prompt a sound to write a letter and kids can also cross check.
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Education Free LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

*Unique, first of its kind in Gujarati and other languages.
*Not only let you trace a letter but also show you where to start and where to end.
*Teaches Phonetic Sound behind each letter.
*Beautiful background music can be turned off and on.
*Specially designed for Tablets and iPads.
*English Uppercase and Lowercase letters also included along with Gujarati Alphabets, hence it is also useful for preschool kids.
*You can also test your writing skills.
*This is available in 11 languages of your choice(English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and Sanskrit)


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