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The ultimate matching puzzle game with unique gameplay! It's Toy Blast Time!

Join the fun world of Amy and help her collect the colorful toys, cubes and many more!

Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and collect the stuck toys. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all the toys while your moves are limited! Your talent in solving puzzles will be your best tool while playing this super addictive game. No more crushing candies, breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Bust the blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure!

Discover Amy's colorful lands--from icy land to circus land! Play with the sweetest toys that will amaze you! Crunch all the same colored cubes by using various boosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeable power-ups and many more!

Toy Blast Features:

● Stunning graphics and unique gameplay
● All kinds of cutest toys; cars, rockets, dolls, stuffed animals and many more...
● So many levels with exciting puzzles
● Numerous boosters along the way to help Amy; vacuums, drills, buckets, paintbrushes, TNTs, rotors and so on...
● Spectacular rewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levels passed
● Easy and fun to play but challenging to master
● Facebook Leaderboards to compete with your friends and competitors!


Like peanuts ya can’t stop
Rat Daddy. King of river ratz


Don't bother

Don't bother downloading this, it's NOTHING like the relaxing ads they play for it! I wish someone would make a game that IS just popping cubes like the ads show. This isn't it!

Awesome 😎

The best

Great game/challenging
frick Ear

Toy blast is a great game if you have patience. If you wait for the lives to refill you can find yourself playing thru levels faster. The more levels you beat with one life the more rewards you get. It’s very challenging but so much fun. Just like any game or business their is money involved at some point. This game is someone’s business, which means they have to make some money too. All tho you can work around that by waiting to gain play time. Luckily for the ones who do play a lot we don’t have to worry about ads. Those are what makes a game not so much fun. I have never spent money on this game since I have had it. I am passed level 750. All by having patients. They have updated the game to where you get more rewards more often, as well as lives. It’s worth it to wait. 5 ⭐️ game, excellent graphics and colors.

Fun way to unwind
72 tang

Enjoy the game


I absolutely love this game!!!!

Fun Fun Fun!
Sunset Sunny

Most fun I’ve had in ages!

Fun but

This thing was charging my account and I didn’t know. My bank did a charge back and I removed my card from the phone totally But first I tried to charge 1.99 and the thing popped up saying do I agree to 22.?? So it was trying to charge way more. Of course I said no. All cards removed from my phone. I continued to play the game AGAIN not making purchases. Today, I see they have pending charges on my card. I had phone where you have to use password in order to make any charges. There cannot be pending charges, I removed my card couple weeks back. How are they approving charges randomly. Then leave it there where I cannot even update my apps unless I pay for it. FREE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE INLESS I CHOOSE IN APP PURCHASE THEN IT SHOULD ONKY BE CHARGED 1X not multiple AND it should be the amount, not some random amount. This happen on both the pleak games I played. So I will have to stop. I am not paying to play when I know I did not authorize. But that means my Apple ID is screwed and I can’t update any other apps until I pay for something I didn’t get. Not right

Toy blast
prettu legs

Very challenging game

Rip off

I am at level 2900, but I always have to pay or buy lives to pass each level. It is rare to pass a level without paying