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Tower of Ra is a defense game featuring the first random map generator and two-player online multiplayer supported by Game Center. Strategically decide to send units to your enemy or build your own defense.
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Game Features:
- Defend Yourself With 5 Upgradable Towers
- Send 10 Unique Units to Your Enemy
- Unlimited Maps to Play Due to a Random Path Generator
- Play Online Against Friends via Game Center or Sharpen Your Skills Against the AI in Single Player

In Tower of Ra, players spend gold to either build defenses or send units to the other player. Units start at the bottom of the screen and follow the designated path. Once a unit reaches the other end of the path, that player loses a life to their opponent. If a player reaches 0 lives, the game is over and their opponent wins.

Gold can obtained by either killing enemy units or through income. Every 20 seconds income is calculated and added to your gold. Your income is increased by 20% of the cost for every unit you send to your opponent.

Gold may be spent on sending units to your opponents, building new towers for defense, or upgrading existing towers. You are only allowed to build 5 towers until you pay to increase your tower limit. Each tower can be upgraded to level 5 and there are 5 types of towers.

Atar - Damage over time
Baal - Slows units
Tamptu - No Special
Azrael - Unlimited Range
Ra - High Damage

- iPod Touch Requires Wifi Internet for Online Play
- Game Center also Required for Online Play


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