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The Tower Blaster game helps train strategic ability and logic. Build a tower by placing blocks in numerical order, with low blocks at the top of the tower and high blocks at the bottom. To win, finish your tower before your opponent finishes his.
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Games $1.99 Andreas Kuster iPhone, iPad, iPod

Advantages: No annoying ads! No in app purchases!



Don’t purchase won’t refund !!
my soulmate died

Game doesn’t work But they sure know how to accept our money PLEASE REFUND MY PURCHASE


I bought this without even thinking about it because I was so excited to see an old favorite of mine as an app. Paid for it and it doesn’t even load on my iPad, super disappointed.

Ripping people off
fla house

Paid for the games it will not open. I will go to my bank I will have them to investigate for fraud and ripping people off.

Don't waste your money

I was so excited to find this game. I never got to play it because it would not load. A white screen pops up. Please correct the issues!!!

This app doesn't work
M Deezy

I downloaded this for iphone 6 and it doesn't even work. It won't even open, just a blank screen

App does not work properly

Very dissatisfied in this app. Runs very very slow. After every turn I get a pop-up saying the operation could not be completed. 3 or 4 at a time. Hope this gets resolved and fixed quickly. Would rather not see others waste money on this app!!!


Game is incredibly jumpy and slow. Every time I click on a brick it has a pop up that says "option cannot be performed" or something to that effect. I'm bummed because I love the PC version and spent money on this


Ridiculously slow and freezes a lot. Waste of money if it isn't fixed immediately

Tower blaster

I was thrilled when i came across this game for my iphone after playing it online but it is very slow and has no sound!! Very disappointed and hate i wasted my money! Please update this app!!!

Should have read the reviews.

Like everybody else said it is a waste of money. I played once with no sound and a lot of "operation could not be performed". Now the app opens to a white screen and does nothing.

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