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Tornado Surfing - Star Zorbing

This app demonstrates the future success of personal aircraft developing.
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Games Free ALEXANDER SKALOV iPhone, iPad, iPod

The surviving in tornado and charging the aircraft with lightning to reach the open space is not a dream but a real project.

Try to escape crashing in poor cows and hard space objects by using your finger, the aircraft will follow it immediately. Your life is not endless, in case you are not that quick, try to charge your ship with an electric heart.

The creator of this aircraft was inspired by zorbing.
But the ship you can see has a hard a transparent cover , a gyro-stabilized cabin, a magnet shock-absorber and an ion-plasmaengine. Orifices are placed around the whole sphere cover that is why the speed-up is active in any direction. Pilot wears a spacesuit and sits in a central sphere-cabin.

The actual realization of the project is possible today.
The only difference between the game aircraft and the real one is the size.

To start the project we need to locate a laboratory near “tornado” area (where this cataclysm is frequent) and a team of engineers to complete the engine and the fuselage. And, of course, the most important part is funding.

If you are interested in joining the project, follow me on Facebook.

Try to reach the space! Surf tornado to make future come today!

And good luck with a new flying experienceJ

P.S. I express many thanks to my friend and talented musician Anton Delarosa for writing the background music track.


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