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One of the most popular Casino games .
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You must get a score of 21 by the values ​​that are given cards. Each card adds its number in intervals and figures except total 10 As you add 1 or 11.
If you can add the number 21 to this is called Blackjack.

In your game you can do this kind of games :

Fold : placing an additional bet to the original , the player serves the dealer one card on the initials . Each casino has rules for this move , some allow doubling always , whatever the first two cards , others only allow doubling if the first two cards total 9, 10 or 11.
Separate: if the first two cards are of the same numerical value , the player can separate them, placing an additional bet . On each of the separate letters serves you more , constituting each set of two cards a play independently. If the second letter is served on every play like the first , can be separated again by placing another bet that move further , and so on.
Secure / Safe play that involves betting on the dealer will get blackjack , when his first card is an Ace can not bet on this hand over half of the initial bet. If the dealer gets blackjack pays the player twice the insurance bet .


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