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To+do is free iOS app published by thuc hoang



The concept and UI are really very neat. However, I don't think there is a single English-speaking person on this developer's staff. The app feels incomplete and a little cumbersome. The myriad lock features are simply random and a bit buggy. If the developer fixed the bugs and grammar instead of cutting corners, I would give five stars and upgrade to Pro. Three stars it is, for now...

Decent but could be a lot better


Overall it's a decent app although you can't delete notes which is extremely annoying and you can't set alarms... The background color stays a nice boring brown the whole time and I don't think you can change that either... I'm still pretty new to this app but I don't see any sudden changes happening soon. I hope they fix these problems and make this a better app!

Basic but exactly so as I need it


I found the delete option clearly explained, I would also reduce options on lock but add colours or backgrounds elsewhere. I like it because is quick and simple

Oh crap


I ? this app but it doesn't let me set a password. This is important cuz people may be writing personal things. U don't want people reading that. ?!


Maddie e s

This app is awesome but, when I set a password, it works at first but when you open it again, the password does not come up and it opens to your things without making you type in a password.

This could be the worst app of all time

Tom Thompson

Ok, Perhaps a Bit dramatic, but this app has zero Value! If there was a negative..

not for me


No iPad version; no sync. Hierarchical, but no tags, icons, or colors for items. When you do the quirky "Drag to add a new note" it may take 2 or 3 pulls before the app responds. Then you have to clear the screen of the instructional text before you can add your note. But it has ads.