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One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits in your pocket!
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Games $7.99 DotEmu iPhone, iPad, iPod

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set against a mythological backdrop. The Titans have escaped from prison and are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. The Gods alone can’t stop them -- a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine humanity’s fate and that of the Olympians.

You are that hero! Create your character, explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of legendary creatures! Master the arts of archery, swordsmanship or magic and upgrade your character to unlock awesome powers! Discover special items to help you complete your quest: legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts, enchanted bows, and much more!

Specially adapted for mobile devices, this new version offers numerous new features:

• A new touch-friendly interface
• Completely redesigned touch-friendly gameplay
• High-quality graphics
• A huge, open world to explore
• Full day/night cycle
• 80 different mythological creatures: Minotaurs, Cyclopses, Gorgons, and many more
• 1200+ items to discover
• 30 different character classes
• 150 different character skills
• Colossal playtime of more than 60 hours
• Scalable difficulty modes: weapons and enemies match your skill level
• Dozens of unlockable achievements to discover
• Cloud saving: start a game on your phone and continue on your iPad
• No ads, no in-app purchases. Full Premium experience - Enjoy the full content for one price!

Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm. Overcome thrilling challenges and vanquish the greatest enemies ever to invade the mobile world!



Thrugh out the game, u play and hit save- u think it save but next day u r two lvls down. One character lvl down takes a lot to build up. That ‘’SUCKS’’

iPhone 8 Plus

Doesn’t work on a brand new iPhone 8 Plus.


I have just got into gaming and enjoyed this game... until the first time it didn’t save my levels. Then ‘magically’ started again at the correct level. Thinking it was a just an iPad Pro thing, I continued. The next time I started the game... the piece of **** started and stayed at prior levels. I’m losing levels, gold, skills...and repeating some boring parts. The game when playing it is a four, but the saving is a zero so a two star rating is perhaps generous.

Needs multiplayer!

UPDATE Due to saved game files disappearing and losing progress every day I open the app again I have reduced my rating to one star. This is unacceptable. This is an amazing iOS game! I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys diablo style hack and slash. Two things NEED to be addressed however ... #1 Storage/Banks and cross character storage. #2 Multiplayer. There are a lot of skills in the game that are nearly useless because they are for other party members. The best part of TQ was playing with others. PLEASE add this!!!

Crashes on start up.

As soon as I launch the game it crashes. iOS 11.2.5

Great Game With MAJOR Issues

I really liked this game the first time I played. Then I went back to my saved game and it was as if part of my progress had been lost. I wasn’t far in the game, so I figured I’d just do the quests again...but that’s when I ran into the biggest problem of all—THE GAME GETS STUCK ON A QUEST! The first time it was talking to the farmer at the very beginning. Despite talking to him and saving his horse, the quest did not register as completed. Fine, I thought, I’ll just create another profile because that one glitched. I go through, do quite a few quests and get to the next major area of the game. Then I come back later to my saved game—and THE SAME THING HAS HAPPENED. This time its killing the Shaman. I kill it, but my journal eternally has that boxed unchecked and a couple of guards block me from going to the next area of the game. The curious thing is that my progress IS saved in a way...my character keeps getting stronger and richer as I collect money each time I kill the Shaman...but despite killing it AGAIN AND AGAIN the quest never updates and I can go no further in the game. Please fix this bug. I will change my review when you do because I think I would love this game.

Crashes instantly on iPhone 8

Was able to play once or twice. Crashes over and over now, can’t play at all. Waste of money.

Don’t waste your time
Hot-dog Mandy

Constantly crashes, saves don’t work. Want a refund.


Well this is an incredibly mediocre diablo clone with a boring story. It would be ok, if it wasn't super glitchy. The camera cuts around randomly, the controls sometimes are not responsive, and the games saves arbitrarily revert. I lost 3 days worth of play time, for no reason. I wish I could get my money back!

iOS port has problems with latest iOS versions

Used to work well but buggy with iOS 11.

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