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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

This is an iPhone classic!


Words can’t put into words of how fantastic this game is. The soundtracks keep my spirits high. This game will kill time and leave you satisfied when you hunt for that high score or golden fish. This is a memory I’ve happily kept in my mind since I was 8. Thank you.

Best game ever


Please update it for iPhone X. I love this game and although I don't play it anymore but I don't want to see this game die.

iPhone X


Please add compatibility for the iPhone X

good game


dope music



can’t get past 34s fever. impossible without hacks that don’t work anymore

Often imitated...Never duplicated. Still the best


Still the best game ever made for IOS in my opinion. It’s been ripped off many times by other games but Tiny Wings is still standing. I remember downloading this game over 5 years ago. 5 Stars!!

Best game ever


Best game I have found on the App Store up to this point. Absolutely amazing, a must buy. It's a work of art. I'll never forget this game. I'd buy it again and 20 times over if I had to.

Davy Jones

Lucky kitty!!!!!

Love this game!!!

iPhone X update.


This game is the greatest of all time, if you update it to fit the iPhone X screen I will give it five stars.

The greatest 99 cents ever


This game is the best 99 cents I have ever spent. I am really picky about games and this by far is my favorite game but, there is not just on thing to do there are 2 things to do!!! If you are thinking about buying this game then I say go ahead!!!

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