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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Love This Game

Teezy Lamar

Been playing this since 2011. Re-downloaded it not too long ago, and it's still fun.

2018 anyone


This game is the best I remember it five years ago. Thx for the update

don’t bother


Good game unless you try to do the “Objectives”... near impossible!! i mean what exactly is a “great slide”??? i purposely botch a slide (one of the objectives) and it STILL gives me a great slide!?!? what a joke. waste of my time. have you developers actually played this game? i’d like to see you actually make it island 4 with no great slides lol

Best app!


I love this app so much, I always have fun with it!



This is the perfect IPhone game. Simple controls. Soothing music. Never a glitch. The objectives keep the games replay value. Just an outstanding game.

The Eternal Game


Probably the only game I’ve spent more time playing after I’ve “beaten it” than I did in the process of finishing all the little tasks. My phone is full of games I lost interest in, and there’s plenty more I’ve deleted, but I’ll never stop playing Tiny Wings ❤️

Please update!


On iPhone 8 I can’t play this game anymore. Sometimes during the game when I touch the screen to make the bird go down it remains up in the air and really messes up the game. Can this be fixed please?

The bessst


Gy gbband but g

Totally worth it !!!!!!!

spotted peanut

I love this game so much, don't be afraid about the cost. It's all worth it. there are no bugs. And you don't need Wi-Fi to play with a friend.❤️❤️❤️

Design your bird


This game is the best but it would be better if you could design your bird with the coins

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